Numerology is the easiest one of the Four Master Keys to learn, because it is a science. Once you learn the meaning of every number, you can become your own Numerologist. You will find it to be a very exciting study, because this tool will give you instant answers as it relates to your character, talents and strengths.

Numerology is to traditional Mathematics what Psychology is to Anatomy. Mathematics, like Anatomy, speaks about our physical Universe, its nature, structure, dimensions and purpose. Just as Psychology teaches us about the inner motivations behind our actions, activities, instincts and response to life, so too, does Numerology speak about the hidden world contained within numbers.

Numerology is a tool that can unlock the secrets of your past, present and future. Every letter in your name has a numerical value, which has traits and characteristics that can broaden the understanding of your basic nature and hidden talents. Your dominant numbers create the impressions that others have of you.

By knowing your numbers, you can not only maximize your good traits, but also recognize certain weaknesses in your skills and behaviors and choose to transform them into strengths. Other uses of this science include such things as: creating personality comparison charts by matching out numbers and thereby understand individual differences in other people. You can also learn if you will be compatible in your marriage and how you can speak to each other’s needs and fulfill  desires. It’s a great way to determine the best name for your company or even your children. By doing the numbers for companies you may be considering for employment or developing as a client, you can determine if you and they are a good fit.

Numerology is one of the most fascinating and powerful tools to understand inner self and creative talents. It also tells you where your natural skills and gifts are in this lifetime.

As you study this science you will learn:

1. The Basic Principle of Numbers.

2. Your Destiny Number which indicates your Life Path or Birth Path, which is your essential reason for being here.     

3. Your Personal Year Number, which reveals the powers to use.

4. Numbers in Your Name, which are the key to individuality and tell you how to live out your full destiny or purpose.

5. Your Personality Number, which indicates your deepest priorities.

6. Your Soul Urge Number, High Self Destiny Calling which is also how the outside world sees you.

7. Current Year Vibration

The Greek Scholar and Mystic, Pythagoras, formulated the Science of Numerology about 2,600 years ago. At the age of sixteen, he built a Numerology College which educated people in this science of understanding letters and numbers, so they could maximize their potential in life. Based upon the Hebrew Alphabet, every letter has a purpose, a provision, a story and a symbol. The letters speak a Universal Language that shows patterns of actions, which can be taken by insightful individuals.

Basic Numerology employs nine numbers, 1 through 9. The letters of the alphabet each have a number 1-9.

This is an example of how you do the Current Year Vibration.  For example: 2013 would equal 2+0+1+3=6, which is a Six Year Vibration. Bigger numbers like 1945 would equal 1+9=10 +4=14+5= 19, Reduce to 10, 1+9= 10, then keep reducing to the lowest number, 1-0=1 so, 1945 is a One Year Vibration.

Check the TRAITS AND CHARACTERISTICS at the end of this set of examples to understand the meanings of the Current Year Vibration and the following Destiny Number Vibration, Total Name Vibration and Birth Path Vibration.

The Alphabet works the same way, i.e. each letter has a numerical value as follows:

1  2  3 4  5 6  7 8 9




C A R O L E      L Y N N      G R A N T                        Destiny Number

3+1+9+6+3+5    3+7+5+5     7+9+1+5+2

 27   2+7=9         20  2-0=2     24   2+4=6    9+2+6= 17   1+7=8

                                              Total Name Vibration i.e. Destiny Number



32      3+2=5

B I R T H P A T H              

1+9+3+8 = 21     2+1 = 3

The basic principle of numbers never changes and that is what makes it so refreshing. Think about it, sound, music, color and words can shift your mood, attitude and energy in seconds. It has been said that “Everything is Energy.” Numerology reveals how to go with the flow of energy in the best possible ways, according to your life’s number pattern and guidelines.



One: Drive, expression, initiative, motivation, initiator, instigator, leader Key Words: Independent, individualistic, original, assertive, dominating, forceful, willful

Two: Law of opposites, sense of separation, great partners, co-operative, powerful behind the scenes Key Words: Understanding, adaptable, gentle, receptive, cautious

Three: Active intelligence, creative, skills, great communicator, circulation of information, composing, mover of ideas Key Words: Intelligent, communicative, sociable, learned, diversified, dramatic, expressive

Four: Logical mind, practical, relentless, determined, focused, solid, tangible, foundation, tradition Key Words: Stability, firmness, security, conservative, practical, forms, systems, solidity, objectivity

Five: Rolling Stone, the scribe, changeable life experiences, steps out of the box, fickle, flamboyant Key Words: Expansion, change, adventure, speculation, visions, growing, evolution, curious, active, resourceful

Six: Mastery, educator, domestic wholeness, harmony, balance, marriage and or divorce, serving others Key Words: Harmony, creativity, justice, balance, love, compassion, service, art, symbols, ability to bring ideas together

Seven: Philosopher, intuitive, intense, secretive, introspective, contemplating, strong spiritual nature Key Words: Philosophical, analytical, quiet, understanding, inspirational, reclusive, natural healers

Eight: Money making, materialistic, practical, successful, inventive, families, communities, influential Key Words: Powerful, productive, ambitious, controlling, fruitful, driven

Nine: Completion, combination of all numbers, compassion, understanding, environmental, social unity Key Words: Completion, selflessness, generous, benevolent, patience, endings, cycles of life.