Aquarius & Pisces
Uranus & Neptune
 February 14 to
February 22
Water Bearer & Fish
 Humanitarian & Dramatic

Aquarius, you rule the Eleventh House of Hopes and Wishes, Goals and Friendships.  Fortune smiles on you, because it is very easy for you to be popular and well liked.  You have the ability to change other people’s lives for the good.  Due to the fact that the Pisces side of you is compassionate and sensitive to other people’s feelings.  You can be very successful in humanitarian endeavors.

Your ruling planets, Uranus and Neptune, give you the interesting influences of being perceptive and creative, sensitive and resourceful, rebellious and inventive.  You are often incredibly lucky and willing to share all that you own.  Of all the signs of the combined power sign zodiac, you are the most likely to be rescued if you’ve gone too far out on a limb.  As a risk taker you can become famous.

People truly love being around you because you are so enthusiastic and inspiring.  You definitely will want to do things your way and most often this way is uniquely different but highly efficient.  You can make something out of bits and pieces that other people would throw away.  You’re scientific and often brilliant.  You have a cosmic mind that understands the flow of the Universe.

Aquarius is the sign that represents brotherhood and love for humanity; Pisces responds to the underdog or the person in great need.  This combination makes you the natural leader and often the champion of environmental or ecological programs.  You’re great in theater, art and drama.  In business, you excel in being the power behind the throne, as well as being center stage.

Your ruling planets, Uranus (the awakener) and Neptune (the mystic dreamer), make you futuristic in your thinking and able to comprehend the grand scheme of things; therefore you make an excellent entrepreneur.  Dramatic by nature, selling comes easily to you when you believe in yourself and your product.  You were born to lead.

With all signs of the Zodiac, there are positive personality traits along with negative tendencies that must be dealt with:

You are a winner when:

  • You use your brilliant, inventive mind to better humanity.
  • You stay grounded and put practical foundations under your idealistic dreams.
  • You take your passion and make it happen musically, artistically or in flamboyant ways.

You are a loser when:

  • You become involved in unhealthy forms of escape such as alcohol or drugs.
  • You buy into the negative or self-defeated part of your personality.
  • You think that you have all the answers and don’t ask others for help.
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