Capricorn & Aquarius
Saturn & Uranus
January 15 to
January 23 
Sea Goat & Water Bearer
Strategic & Ingenious

The Capricorn side of you rules the Tenth House of Career, Public Standing, Fame and Fortune.  People feel comfortable around you, because you know what you are talking about, have little time for small talk and can be trusted.  Aquarius adds a mystical appeal and transformational side to your character.  You understand the trends of the times and can position yourself well to be recognized.

Your ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus. give you the unique combinations of being brilliant, aggressive and organized.  You have dynamic business sense.   You are the inventor and pioneer.  You are extremely resourceful and find solutions that other people miss.  You’re spicy and earthy; electrifying and stable, humanitarian and profound. Your great reasoning powers, undying passion and sense of adventure make you a remarkable salesperson.  As the head of a corporation or enterprise, you are often very popular.  People will follow you.  One would have to say, “you are among the most magnetic business people of the zodiac.”       

You love to be noticed and yet are capable of being the power behind the scenes.  With your innate humor and sense of dramatics, glowing voice and intriguing good looks, you can be the movie star, the director and the producer of your own show.  You like it that way.

Your ruling planets, Saturn (the Lord of Karma) and Uranus (the Rebel) are constantly involved in breaking up structure and laying new foundations. You are the most likely candidate to be self employed, since you cannot stand limits to your personal freedom. You are a committed parent, but could love clandestine flings. In fact, your Sign is noted for “liking the hunt, but not the kill” in romance. To hold you in a relationship, your partner must have a brilliant mind and an adventuresome spirit.

With all signs of the zodiac, there are positive personality traits along with negative tendencies that must be dealt with:

You are a winner when:

  • You direct your highly intuitive mind into practical, workable solutions.
  • You blend your scientific, somewhat abstract personality with information that the average person can understand.
  • You use your elegant speech and star qualities for the bettering of humanity.

You are a loser when:

  • You’re strongly opinionated, unwilling to change and very inflexible.
  • You refuse to be grounded and practical.
  • You’re cold and unapproachable, sometimes use people and then forget them.
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