Gemini & Cancer
Mercury & Moon
June 17 to June 25
Twin & Crab
Adaptable & Insightful

The Gemini part of you has at least four different characters: wise, insightful, friendly and unfriendly.  You are a dichotomy within yourself.  Your powers lie in the fact that you can be who you need to be on any given day.  The Cancer part of your personality loves stability, family, food and style.  You are a nurturer, rescuer and a true friend.  All this combined means you must have the variety of life.                                       

Your ruling planets, Mercury and Moon, give you the capacity to make everyone feel at home.  You are domestic and accomplishing; warm and loving; versatile and sensitive.  You’re concerned with your roots, heritage and tradition.  You can be sentimental and enjoy happy memories.  Your ruling planets give you the remarkable combination of insight and quiet persistence.  You are quick witted and dimensional; studious and nurturing; success oriented and dynamic.  These traits, along with your communication skills and entertaining manner, make you the person that other people trust.  People will want to do business and socialize with you.  You love mysticism and romance; learning and teaching; imagination and stability.  A quixotic combination, you’ll fight for the environment, abuse of children and the homeless.

Since you are the unique combination of the Moon Goddess and Mercury, the wing-footed messenger, you are the power behind the throne.  Mercury, the royal scribe, gives you the words and the feelings to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.  You can draw success to you by the power of your magnetism and inventive mind.

Your phone rings constantly and you possess a great amount of sex appeal.  Your desire to have your own home is strong and you’ll work hard and long to reach that goal.  There’s a need to pamper your nerves and to leave plenty of time to do just nothing.  Go by the water when moody or sad.

With all signs of the Zodiac, there are positive personality traits along with negative tendencies that must be dealt with:

You are a winner when:

  • You provide the inspiration and encouragement that is needed in a project.
  • You’re organized, consistent, persistent and visionary.
  • You’re not so thin-skinned or frightened that you won’t try new things.

You are a loser when:       

  • You are deceptive and undermine people behind the scenes.
  • You are unwilling to share the leadership role and you become jealous and resentful.
  • You scatter your energy or stay in one place so long that you become the victim.
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