About Carole

About me

Carole Lynn Grant

World Renowned Astrologer

Metaphysical Educator & Incentive Coach


  • Personal Readings, Party & Events
  • Business Seminars & Networking Program
  • Freelance Columnist
  • Radio Producer & Talk Show Host
  • Motivational Speaker for Business’ & Conventions


My Astrology and Advise columns are published with  

The Globe Newspaper; Beach Magazine and Palm Beach Today;

Syndicated Astrology Columnist for Sea Breeze Publications, includes over 30 high-end publications;

Pineapple Post Online Newspaper;

Health Trends Astrologer for Banzai Wellness Magazine.


Prevention Magazine and Rodale Press Corporate Trainer for Motivation in sales and marketing.

Sales and marketing motivation for Lincoln Hospitality Corp.; 25 hotels

Trained police in Intuitive Development for street survival Eureka, CA

National Talk Show Hosting broadcasts with
American National Broadcast Network; Creator of Cosmic Dimensions radio show, a Freelance Psychic Roving Reporter calling in my shows live from around the world; Creator of Mind Quest Radio in West Palm Beach;

Co-creator of Quest Metaphysical Radio, West Palm Beach; Co-Host for the first live talk call-in television show in South Florida. I continue to be a regular guest on radio and television throughout South Florida.


I have been an Instructor in higher education platforms

First Psychic Educator & Medium at Psychical Research Center in Hollywood, FL; First Instructor at Nova Community College teaching Executive ESP for business people.


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A Note from the Heart about Carole

An little Note from the Heart about me:
For some of my new friends and clients that have been asking about my experiences and background in astrology and media here are a few fun details about my amazing career journey!
As seen on television programs:
PM Magazine,
ABC Network News,
People Will Talk
Featured in celebrity tabloids the Globe, Enquirer and Sun
Predicted five out six division winners for the NFL and AFL season(featured in the Miami Herald),
Black Monday for the American National Network, and is consistently verified through television and radio media.
Writer, producer, and host of talk radio shows
Cosmic Dimensions in California,
Mind Quest and
Quest Metaphysical Radio in Palm Beach,
Carole has interviewed a wide spectrum of global leaders world famous pioneers in the holistic and metaphysical fields. Dr. Robert Muller, Former Undersecretary of the United Nations, Tyler D. Clements, Broadcasting and Network Action Group, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author of Happy Birthday Planet Earth, and Marcel Vogel, inventor of the floppy-disk and crystal healing just to name a few!
Private business and personal consultant to people from A-List movie stars, producers, authors, musicians, dancers, and artists to corporate business consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Small business owners and individual clients alike, Carole has enjoyed seeing the impact of her readings on the outstanding success of her clients large and small.
Grant currently is a syndicated astrology columnist for Seabreeze Publications, Health Trends Columnist for Banzai Wellness Magazine, Pineapple Post Online,  keynote speaker/seminar leader, and offers her business and personal consultations in Palm Beach county by appointment.
For any additional information check out my website www.carolelynngrant.com, my business page Carole Lynn Grant Communications, or call me at 561-523-2361 to schedule a speaking engagement, private session, or party!
See you at the TOP!
Carole Lynn

I am a motivational inspirational teacher who just happens to be an Intuitive Astrologer, Tarot, Numerology, and Palmistry expert.  I have had a diverse and exciting career because I’ve always gone where my spirit guides have led me.  Our creator has opened so many doors for me that I never could have imagined.  From writing, creating, and producing radio and TV shows to teaching metaphysics around the world. 

One of the goals of this website is to encourage you to listen to your intuition and follow your dreams even if you don’t know how you’re going to do it.  My first radio show was given to me as a result of being a guest on another radio show.  This station had six sister stations though out California and Oregon, thereby giving me and entire network to broadcast from. 

What I’m saying to you, even though you don’t have the money or don’t know how you are going to travel to where you are supposed to be, the way will be provided for you as long as it is in integrity with your mission in life.  So, I wholeheartedly encourage you to follow your dreams and be all you can be.  Planetary wise we are at a place right now where we have a new or restructured beginning, why not make it one you will enjoy?

I teach real world intuition from a practical point of view, as you will see in the content of my site.  When you can incorporate your left and right brain you can become the super achiever that truly has no limits.  So, please enjoy my site, it is my fondest wish that my words of encouragement and/or teachings in the metaphysical fields will spur you on to higher levels of accomplishment in your life.

Many blessings to you and let the adventure begin!



Best of the Best

For so many years when I had my radio shows, most especially mind quest in this area, I could brag about my business associates and clients who were experts in their fields. 

In this part of my website I want to tell you about the hardest working people that I know so you can link with them or see their websites if you like. 
These people and companies have proven to me over the years to be people who do their work with excellence, honor, and efficiency.  They are dedicated to serving you and getting your job done.  They have spent years studying to be the very best in their field.  You can trust their work and or promises as it relates to you the client and personally I think this is an amazing group of people. 






Motivates people to higher levels of Personal and Professional Productivity.

Develops Project Plans and Media Campaigns.

Communication Facilitator and Keynote Speaker.

Responsible for bringing the newest, cutting edge, motivation and inspirational, concepts and breakthroughs to the public attention.

Works well independently or as an effective team member.

Conceived, Produced and Hosted 2 Radio Shows in California and Florida.




1980 to 2003

-Mind Quest: California-KEKA 3 years, International Roving Reporter, broadcast live and on location, South Florida-WPBR 5 years.

-Co-Hosted Florida’s first live TV Call-in show for Ch. 51 WKID “51 ALL NIGHT”  with Conrad Patrick.

-Co-hosted “International TV” for Group W Cable vision, Ch. 5.

-Weekly National Broadcast on the American National Network




Feature Columns and Articles 1980 to present

  1. Palm Beach Today 7 years
  2. Columnist Women Today
  3. Globe, freelance reporter 5 years
  4. Syndicated columnist
  5. Columnist Florida Gold Coast Magazine
  6. Palm Beach Society Social Pictorial Magazine
  7. South Florida Times, Magazine of the Arts
  8. Ocean Drive Magazine
  9. Environmental Editor Beach Magazine
  10. Author, Editor in Chief the Ultimate Bride and Groom Wedding Planner



“Rainbow Power, Adventures in Color” in completion stages

“Energy Paradigm, Emerging Mid-Life” in completion stages

“Fireworks on Lake Worth Lagoon” in completion stages




Course Developer and Leader

-Nova Davie Community Schools, Adult Education

-Broward County School Board Certified Speaker

-FAU Healing Training for nurses

-Rodale Press, Prevention Magazine, sales staff training

-Lincoln Hospitality Corp, sales staff training

-Palms West Hospital, sales staff training

-Davie/Cooper City Chamber of Commerce, motivation training

-Florida Freelance Writer Association, training in Communication Skills

-National Executive Female Conference- “Wing of Eagles” Producer and Keynote Speaker

-Columbus Wellness Center, Keynote Speaker

-Women in Communication, Motivation and Sales Strategies

            - American Business Women’s Assoc. Keynote Speaker

            - Boca Board of Realtor Keynote Speaker

            - National Female executives, Success in Sales though Color Communication

            - Guerlain Cosmetics, Keynote Speaker




-Formed Mind Quest International 1989

-Speakers Bureau, Sponsored Lecture Series on Holistic Health in 3 different locations 3 year, Nightingales in Palm Beach, Miracles in West Palm Beach, Center for Effective Living Deerfield

-Associate for the Center of Effective Living




Founder and President, Florida Reef Foundation, based in Palm Beach, Environmental Education through the Arts, including, Puppet Theater, Activity Book, and plays.

-Keynote speaker and host for United Cerebral Palsy, Association for Retarded Citizens and Arthritis Foundation

-Media Representative for “Campaign Earth” and “Manatee Alert” Channel 25’s Person of the Week for dedicated Community Service