Pisces & Aries
Neptune & Mars
 March 16 to
March 24 
Fish & Ram
Inspirational & Motivational

Pisces, you rule the Twelfth House of Institutions, Colleges and Intuitive Talents.  You can have a dreamy personality and spend a lot of time in your head.  Spirituality comes naturally to you and so does the love of nature and all of its creatures.  Aries lights your fire when you can’t figure out what to do.  Meditation, exercise, dancing and storytelling comes naturally to you.  You attract dynamic personalities.

Your ruling planets, Neptune and Mars,  give you the fantastic combination of a fiery will with executive ability, plus the sensitivity to understand all levels of people’s behavior.  This makes you a great boss and even greater friend.  Your natural enthusiasm vibrates emotional understanding and sensuality. You are the combination of “Joan D’Arc” and King Arthur, constantly feeling the need and commitment to help people.

You are equipped with a high intellect and phenomenally inspired mind.  This encourages you to be a super achiever.  You can be passionately concerned about things or overwrought by conditions.  You feel for the disadvantaged, animals and the environment.  Your pioneering mind challenges you to bring about positive change for others.

Your love of life makes you a good mixer, bright, lively and comical companion.  Intrigued by illusion and fantasy, you are the actor, the singer, the poet, the crusader or the politician.  

Your ruling planets Neptune (the Mystic Dreamer) and Mars (the God of War) bring you the strength and determination to accomplish your goals.  You’re good at promotions; public appearances are favored and you can turn on the charm to obtain huge benefits for your pet projects!  You are witty and fun loving.  So, remember to leave lots of time for play.

With all signs of the Zodiac, there are positive personality traits along with negative tendencies that must be dealt with:

You are a winner when:

  • You stay disciplined and organized and yet leave time for daydreams and play.
  • You’re not swayed by other people’s opinions and stay with your own values
  • You control your strong will, impatience and attitude.

You are a loser when:

  • You procrastinate and dream of your successes instead of taking concrete steps.
  • You choose to escape from reality and become lazy, often housebound.
  • You become depressed, coasting through life or even alcoholic.

Zodiac Twins

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