Taurus & Gemini
Mercury & Venus
May 16 to May 24
Bull & Twin
Aggressive & Flexible

Taurus, the second sign of the Astrological Zodiac, sees the big picture in life and plans carefully how to succeed.  They are strong, determined and make decisions easily.  Combined with Gemini, “the world becomes your oyster.”  You are unlimited in your thinking and do not hesitate to try new things.

Your two ruling planets, Venus and Mercury, give you the dimensions of marvelous communication skills, a great mind and the ability to make and handle money well.  Your ruling planets give you the combination of mental alertness, initiative and versatility, along with powerful drive, determination and practicality.

Your gift of gab knows no equal, therefore you are a marvelous salesperson and negotiator.  Your intuition and creativity make you one of the most talented signs of the Power Sign Zodiac.  You have the ability to make people feel loved and appreciated. You will always love learning, having lots of friends and traveling.  Variety is, indeed, the spice of life to you, therefore, you may marry more than once, but on the other hand, remain a good friend for life.  Your quest for wisdom and endless energy has you constantly seeking new information.  A person must appeal to your mind if they want to interact with you for very long.

Since your ruling planets are Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger and Venus, the Goddess of Love, you create the spell, the words and the romance for others.  “Whisper in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere” is sometimes all too true for you.  Things happen in doubles; two loves, two homes, two different kinds of career or two jobs at once.  Your Gemini side of you loves all this action, but it probably drives your Taurus side nuts.  Hence, you truly are the romantic traveler with many friends and lovers.

With all signs of the Zodiac, there are positive personality traits along with negative tendencies that must be dealt with:

You are a winner when:

  • You make a commitment and stick with it.
  • You take your creative ideas and put practical foundations under them.
  • You’re not too aggressive, demanding or changeable for others.

You are a loser when:       

  • You’re easily distracted and go in too many directions at once.
  • You become self-absorbed and try to cut corners.
  • You don’t control your many personalities; you can be moody and tempermental.
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