Power Signs: Are You Born on the Cusp?

The Astrological Zodiac is comprised of the Twelve Sun Signs and their Ruling Planets.  If you are one of one third of the population, who were born on the cusp, as shown in the Power Signs Zodiac, you would have two ruling planets. These two ruling planets create in you a powerful combination of divergent energies.

When you are powerful, you are pulling on the strengths of your planets, you are successful in life, business and anything else that matters the most. If you feel overwhelmed, facing one challenge after another, you may be inadvertently working against your inner drives and motivations.

You master your destiny when you work in cooperation with your Ruling Planets. However, that is easier said than done and that is why this book is being written and is featured on my website www.carolelynngrant.com

People who are born on the cusp often ask, “Which sign am I really?”  One of the reasons they ask this question is, because they may feel one way on a certain day and a completely different way the very next day.  You are actually made up of two different signs and it can feel as though you truly are walking in two different worlds.  Both of your planets are active in your life, thus creating your unique dynamic.   One planet becomes more dominant, according to the planetary transits (movements in the sky.) Here is how you read your combined signs:  Read the lead or first sign of your Power Sign combination because that describes your behavior and here is where you have more experiences. As luck would have it, without exception, the combining of your Birth Planets are completely different from one another.  For example:

ARIES/TAURUS wants to lead and jump into the middle of things, while TAURUS wants to seriously consider every move or action, before they take them.  This dynamic is a little like “driving with your brakes on.”

TAURUS/GEMINI wants to plan every move and wants to be sure that things will work out, while GEMINI loves to do more than one thing at a time and they can go crazy if there’s not diversion.

For those, who want above all, to have a normal, smooth flowing life, they need to get over it, because that will not be the life that they are destined to live.  The good news is you’ll never be stuck for very long; you’ll have abundant creative ideas, you’ll walk to a different drummer and people will love to be around you, because of it.  The bad news is that you can be your own worst enemy, who constantly shoots yourself in the foot, just when you are about to have a successful breakthrough.  If you don’t take charge of your life, you can be constantly confused about what you really should be doing

To be in charge of your life it helps to know your own Chart and a really good Astrologer can be helpful to you.  Astrologers know where the planets are in the sky and how their positioning will affect your lifestyle and opportunities throughout your life.

I have written Are You Born On the Cusp?, soon to be published, to help you get the big picture of your life and to tell you that you can take your uniqueness to the bank.  You’re naturally a great problem solver, you enjoy change and variety and you are often willing to go out on a limb or try something new.  As a cusp person myself, CAPRICORN/AQUARIUS, I love the adventure of me, because it’s never boring-trying sometimes, but never boring.

People born on the cusp are always the first to get a new attitude.  They can take the lead in being successful, because most of them can sense the trends of the coming year.  Each and every part of you has a side that is an explorer, who is ready to blaze new trails to “go where no one has ever been before.”

The really good news is that we all have entered a time where three major planets are now in signs that most of us haven’t experienced:  URANUS is in ARIES (84 years), PLUTO in CAPRICORN (246 years) and NEPTUNE in PISCES (114 years).  Therefore, we all have the opportunity to be a world changer, according to our individual talents, because we are dimensional and evolutionary.  Often, we cusp people experience radical change first and learn how to transform things first, before the general public, therefore we know what other people will have to go through soon.  Experience is a great teacher and we can teach those who will come after us, because cusp people help to establish the new criteria.

Once again, here is how you read your Power Sign.  Read the lead Sign, which is the first sign of your Power Sign combination.  This sign leads in behaviors, because here is where you have more experiences. Just as in the Astrological Zodiac, no one individual has all the characteristics of that sign.  The second sign of your Power Sign often gives support, strength, balance and success to the first sign.