Color Code for Success


            Have you ever gone to your closet and wondered what to wear???

Green draws money and balances your energy…great color for healing.

Pink draws love and helps you to lose weight…sleep in pink sheets!

Red gives you an energy boost and heightens your magnetic appeal…show time!

Orange is outgoing and friendly and maximizes all your communication skills…shine!

Blue enhances your creativity and inspires your logical mind…set your goals!

Yellow welcomes the adventure of life and helps you to learn new things…explore.

Purple develops your spiritual connections and allows you to let go of the past or forget the past…dram again!

White opens new doors and subtly shifts your attitude…try new things.

Black allows you to control your environment while sending out a sexy



Carole Lynn Grant is Color Maven for Sun-Sentinel Newspaper andAstrology Columnist for Vive Magazine.  She has been booked at Club Colette, Mar-a-Lago, The Breakers, Governors Club, Palm Beach.


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