Virgo & Libra
Mercury & Venus
September 18 to
September 26
Virgin & Scales
Elegant & Harmonious

The Virgo part of you rules the Sixth House of Career, Service to Others and Health; you enjoy making other people feel comfortable, secure and happy. You naturally put other people first in your life and innately know how they can maximize their resources. Your Libra side is always looking for the balance in life and this makes you a terrific go-between person, because you can see both sides of an issue. Your grace, consideration and charm will always assure success.

Your ruling planets are Mercury and Venus and this combination makes you very service-oriented, gives you tremendous concentrating abilities and encourages you to develop specialized knowledge. The other side of your personality is relationship-oriented, highly social and great in public relations. Your ruling planets give you magnetic appeal, a creative, sensitive mind and the ability to plan in detail.  Because you’re so compassionate, you’re very popular and because you’re such a great listener, people really trust you.  With all of these qualities, you are a profound business person, capable of running the whole show if need be.  Your gift of gab can, at times, open any door you want, so you are the natural salesperson, diplomat or even politician.  You’re intensely active mentally, constantly thinking, re-thinking and creating. You are the person other people call upon to settle differences.  Your negotiating skills know no equal.

Being the combination of Mercury (expression in all forms) and Venus (Goddess of Love, Beauty and Values), you make the perfect mate or lover.  You create mental pictures with your words, set the stage beautifully and have the magnetic appeal to light passion’s fire.  To hold your interest romantically though, the person must be able to communicate, use their brains in practical ways and be sensual. You’re very inclined to travel, even be on the road, often locally.  Where you are is usually where the center of action is.  There’s always a strong involvement with family members, especially brothers and sisters.  You may have a family business and are very supportive of friends and business associates.

With all signs of the Zodiac, there are positive personality traits along with negative tendencies that must be dealt with:

You are a winner when:

  • You make a decision and you stick with it..
  • You don’t get caught up in office politics or become the person in between.
  • You keep family members from distracting you too seriously and offer logical help.

You are a loser when:      

  • You find yourself going around in circles, scattering your forces.
  • You become involved in clandestine relationships.
  • You can’t see the forest for the trees; focusing on minor things can sabotage the major ones .
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Lucky Numbers
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Alaska, New Zealand, New Castle, Sydney, Hawaii, St. Michael
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