Scorpio & Sagittarius
Pluto & Jupiter
November 17 to November 25
Scorpion & Archer
Powerful & Beneficent

Scorpio rules the Eighth House of Intuitive Ability and Collective Resources; these qualities insist that you function from both your logical and perceptive mind.  To you, life is colorful, intense and purposeful with tinges of intrigue, and mystery.  Sagittarius is such a happy combination for you because they are into enjoying life to the fullest. Sagittarius stays focused in the middle of a storm, but they will take time out for laughter, play or travel.

Your ruling planets, Pluto and Jupiter, give you the tremendous ability to lead others and help bring about positive change on the planet.  You’re capable of experiencing heights and depths of emotions, plus passion and enterprise that few people of the zodiac ever understand.  You are bright and constantly on a quest for advanced education or specialized information.

You’re alluringly sexy, able to weave a web of intrigue and love.  You are clever and original, scientific and resourceful and intense.  This makes you a master at the art of subtle persuasion. You strongly desire to understand different cultures.  Pluto keeps you looking at the big picture.  You’re sometimes described as global, worldly and impassioned.  The Fountain of Youth is yours.  You like the challenge of rebuilding things.

Your ruling planets, Jupiter (the benefactor) and Pluto (the transformer), give you an expanded business sense and a knowing of how to move things further. Power and wanderlust make up your interesting signs.  You sometimes visit a place, stir up all kinds of action and then leave.  People wonder what hit them and yet they will never be the same; their transformation has been so complete.  You are the giver, the philanthropist and the acknowledged leader.

With all signs of the Zodiac, there are positive personality traits along with negative tendencies that must be dealt with:

You are a winner when:

  • You’re optimistic and encouraging, willing to work for the greater good of everyone.
  • You focus and take time to fully develop one talent at a time.
  • You use charm and diplomacy in solving problems.

You are a loser when:       

  • You run away from problems or totally deny them.
  • You buy into the intense brooding part of your personality and dwell on the past.
  • You get revengeful, withdrawn or ugly.
Other Famous Power Signs
Richard Burton  Martin Scorsese  Bette Midler  Steven Spielberg
Lucky Numbers
4, 14, 24, 8, 7, 17, 27 and 37
Best Places for your Success
Delaware, Indiana,  Mississippi,  New Jersey,  Pennsylvania
Best Zodiac Power Sign Partners
Cancer/Leo  Gemini/Taurus  Virgo/Libra  Pisces/Aries