Cancer & Leo
Moon & Sun
July 16 to July 26
Crab & Lion
Wise & Protective

The Cancer part of you is emotionally charged and makes your decisions based on feelings.  This sensitivity to people combined with your willingness to listen to others, makes you comfortable to be around.  Your Leo side is much more flamboyant and outgoing.  You love center stage. Your brilliant, quick to learn mind teaches others how to adopt to change.  All this combined, you are full of love for life.

Your ruling Planets, Moon and Sun, give you creative self-expression, including activities connected with the theatre, art and drama.  You are the natural teacher and are especially good with children.  Your sense of humor puts you in demand for public speaking. Your very natural nurturing qualities have you consistently rescuing people.

Your ruling planets give you the remarkable ability to be the inspiration for others.  Your instincts and powerful life force guide you to success in the business world and/or the creative arts.  You understand detail, numbers and presentation.  You can plan a marketing program with great finesse because you are able to see the big picture.  You somehow know what makes people tick, therefore you are an expert in management skills.  The Moon gives you tremendous control behind the scenes while the Sun provides you with enough dramatic talent to command any audience.  A born leader, people flock to your side and want to be connected to you in some way.  Fortune has smiled upon you because with just a little study you can get entire concepts.

Since you are the interesting combination of the Moon Goddess and the Sun God RA, according to ancient mythology, power comes naturally to you and so does self regeneration.  On one hand, you’re sensitive, compassionate and compelling; on the other hand, you are forceful, dynamic and aggressive.  This makes you a wonderful partner and/or team player.

With all signs of the Zodiac, there are positive personality traits along with negative tendencies that must be dealt with:

You are a winner when:

  • You decide to win and sell yourself with flair.
  • You refuse to crawl into your shell when confronted and choose to stand your ground.
  • You can keep an even tempo no matter what is going on around you,

You are a loser when:       

  • You waste time in idle daydreaming or are filled with self-pity.
  • You refuse to make a decision and take action and let inertia rule you.
  • Your ego takes charge and you demand much more from others.
Zodiac Twins
Meryl Streep  Bill Cosby  Julia Child  Sophia Loren
Lucky Numbers
1, 9, 19, 10, 29, 38, 20, 18 and 4
Best Places for your Success
Wyoming, New Hampshire, Albany, Melbourne, Colorado, Hawaii
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